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Joshua's Corner: Mend the Heart...

The time is right, when you are ready. In our mind, timing can be a challenge. However when you listen to your heart, timing is an illusion. Life always prepares one for the next step. Sometimes the preparation feels like the challenge. Have faith, be calm, cool and collected. Stand tall in your purpose as a missionary for peace and goodness on this planet. Everyday we must be willing to exercise the spiritual muscles of compassion and love in order to "sacrifice" our own animal - a.k.a. - the ego or lower chakras - so as to allow peace to blossom in the heart. The heart is here for us to function in this physical reality. The heart is the first organ formed inside our birth mother, and the last organ to stop working on the Earth Mother.

Take care of your heart and good things will come. Listen to your heart and it will teach you truth. Follow your heart as it leads you to your highest destiny.

Here's to the mended hearts!

Love, Joshua

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