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Joshua's Corner: Remembering The Dream...

The time to make a difference is now.

The person we are waiting for to save us is already inside of us.

Truly there is no more need to run or hide.

Resume building confidence and a healthy balance of pride.

The difference between you and me is way less than we are taught to believe.

Truly the only difference is what clothes we wear on our sleeve.

Is it a blow to your ego to think of another as yourself?

Do you ever think of how you get food on the shelf?

There are people doing jobs that no human really wants to do.

There are people who are struggling and they don’t know how to start anew.

So when will the balance of feast or famine be erased?

Only time will tell if we are living in our destiny of fate.

Be better, for you, for your family, for your community, for your country, for your cause.

Be better, just because.



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