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Joshua's Corner: Right Now

Let’s face it, no matter what you believe, we all need each other more than ever right now. Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, the karmic wheel rolls on around us. At this time in the human-story we witness the transfer of massive power. This transfer is collectively elevating our consciousness. Humans often have a funny way of being fanatics, even to the point of forgetting our true inherent connections. Eventually, I believe that we all have that “ah-ha” moment. That is the moment when the true meaning and understanding of the old saying “everything you do comes back to you" reveals itself. So until we can all have our own realization of unity, our mind will continue separating and categorizing based on personal imprinted beliefs. The realization that we can believe differently and still be kind and connected may seem far off right now... When in reality it is merely one thought away for each of us. Choose wisely.

Power to the Peaceful,


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