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Joshua's Corner: The Middle Ground...

In an age of temptation to polarize every topic, it is wise to accept one's responsibility of engaging in argument. Further, it matters not what side one perceives themselves to be on. Our daily life, our living personal and shared experiences are the only reality that is true, to me. Granted, this perception of truth is inherently different from one person to the next. Moving forward, as we gain confidence to reintroduce ourselves back into the world of multiple realities, the wise and kind approach is to live and embody acceptance, non-judgment, and a humble co-existence. Of course this concept is not new, yet these days is seldom forgotten. The time is now for all to rise up with resilience in the name of living, and to apply our best for each day. May our internal hope be renewed and become reinvigorated by the spirit of unconditional goodwill to all.

Be true to the best of you,


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