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Jumping In & Out...

Lesson both in the classroom and out,

So much to learn, there is no doubt.

What is the meaning of this or that,

In the debate that the world is not flat?

The outer world will show us what to fix,

The mind creates some funny tricks.

After you know it we are in so deep,

Waking up too early and not getting sleep.

What do we do all of this for?

To get closer to God or for something more?

Grateful for the tools we have learned,

Leaves of change through seasons turned.

More refinement as years are passing,

Working hard and never slackin'.

Digesting life with big healing bites,

Guided by intuition and inner sight.

This is the most amazing time,

Not without suffering or hurdles to climb.

But underneath it all so vivid and clear,

Is our ability to let go of all the fear.

Trusting and listening to what is best,

The Universe served up this big test.

Self-Love is important to work on now,

Letting go so the angels can show us how.

....TO JUMP!

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