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Justice or Meant To Be?

Dr. Levry once shared a story that left us pondering.... There was a man who had a large hump on his back. He Loved to go to the ocean and wade in the water and seemed to want to play with the children, but he was unable to go deep enough to play with them because of his hump. One day, someone prayed to God and asked why this man was unable to swim, and if his hump could be removed. God responded hat everything happens for a Divine purpose. After many requests to remove the hump, God finally removed the hump. The man was then able to stand upright and go deep into the water. He approached the children and grabbed one of them and drown them. After the child died, the hump grew back on the man.

The moral of this story is that there is an effect for every cause, and our lives are in a constant motion toward balance and harmony. We may think that we know what is happening, or think that we understand why things are unfolding the way they are, but we don't have the whole picture. If we only see 10% of the Light spectrum, then that is the same for the Truths that we see in our lives. Our spiritual eyes, our third eye that is linked to intuition, can see the other 90%. The reason why we are talking about the metaphor of this story in these modern day times is because life can seem so bleak and hopeless. We have to remember that we cannot see why things are unfolding the way they are, and it won't be until after time has passed before what is happening now starts to make sense.

Intention and intuition are our guides in moving forward at this time. On this 11th week of the year, we are under the auspice of the Moon, and the lunar energies are the inward and contracting forces that allow us to reveal what is unseen. The archetype is Justice, which holds the vibration of a personal reckoning, as Justice is never from an outer judgement, but from the inner teacher that calls in the lesson to be learned. Justice is the freedom that manifests from the Light shining at the end of the tunnel. This week also happens to be the last week of the Universal Saturn Period that has slowed us down and forced us to retract inward to meditate on who we are and who we wish to be. The winter is culminating, the time change is this weekend, and the birth of a new solar year is approaching in the next two weeks. Divine Spiritual Wisdom teaches that at the end of a project, a relationship, a season, or a lifetime, the Truth is revealed. This is how Justice manifests... through Truth. We get to be honest with ourselves in order to change, and we are the voices of change in our own relationships, families, and communities.

Pay attention to the Truths that come through for you this week. As we come to the closing of another year around the Sun, we can reflect on what has been revealed. It is up to us now to make a choice to shift and change gears toward the I Am, or choose to change nothing and cycle around the wheel once again. How can we plant new seeds this Spring that will allow us to grow in health, prosperity, success, Love, and happiness? Change is the only way to move from where we are now to where we ultimately want to be. It's the last waning moon in this solar cycle and the final push to letting the old go before we plant the new seeds of Spring. Let go of the old perceptions of what is possible. Let go of all of the thoughts, feelings, words, actions, and attitudes that are pulling you away from your goals and dreams. The time is now to reveal the Truth. This is going to be an amazing year ahead, and we are going to co-create a much more Loving co-existence with other HU-mans as well as all forms of life on and off of this planet. This is the way that we can permanently "cure" this virus that has plagued the Earth, and prevent the much more lethal one that is behind this one if we don't start waking up. Our survival depends upon Love. Let us welcome it into our hearts, our homes, our families, our communities, and our global interactions. We are the ones we have been rooting for to Love deeper and more unconditionally, and so we are the ones who must practice it regularly. It manifests in our daily choices, interactions with each other, and inner world of thought and feeling. Shine the Light, illuminate the healing, and let Justice be the great balancer and harmonizer within the chaos. The Love of our hearts sets us FREE!

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