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In mathematics, it's clear as day to see,

Equality on both sides is the master key.

Solve for X and then you will find the Y,

Balancing one side can help the other guy.

Looking at this concept to compare,

We can see this analogy in human affairs.

When we feel our equality has been compromised,

We come together, seek justice, and organize.

We unite until the end for justice to prevail,

Never giving up or accepting to fail.

Both sides of the coin manifesting a higher destiny,

Fighting for the Light as a dire necessity.

How can each side think that they are right?

Why are these two teams in a fight?

Most human research has this to say,

Humans are lonely which is a gateway,

To looking for others who see the world the same way.

As we group together in our small circles of friends,

The vision of the world shrinks down into a small lens.