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Letting Go & Giving Thanks

This week is the 48th week of the year (4 + 8 = 12), and 12 represents The Hanged Man in the major arcana of the tarot, and the planetary influence of Jupiter. It is still the Universal Jupiter Period, and in the USA, it is the week of our Thanksgiving celebrations. On top of all of this transformational energy, it is a Frosty Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - the fourth and final Lunar Eclipse of the year. The Universe is sending us a sign to keep the Faith and stop holding on to toxic energies that are pulling us away from our Divine purpose. Whether it is spending time away from your passions, partaking in destructive behaviors, or allowing in negativity into any area of life, the universe is aligning the energies perfectly for a big release at this time. Jupiter creates the space for spiritual expansion and a greater capacity to hold abundant health, prosperity, and spiritual enlightenment. The Hanged Man supports the conclusion of hanging on to a physical and fleeting happiness in order to embrace a more permanent, spiritual foundation. What has been lingering in your energy field that is ready to be released? What are you willing to eclipse, or cut loose, in order to create the space for what you really want? The rewards that Jupiter offers are fruitful and infinite compared to the low frequency attachments that have consumed the mind with fear in the past. If 2020 has taught us all anything, it is the ability to change things up and do it differently. Why not take the drivers seat and create the changes that you have been longing to make?

Thanksgiving is going to be very different this year on a physical level. What remains the same is the sentiment of being grateful. When the luxuries of life have been stripped down into basic needs, there is a different perspective available to receive. What are you grateful for amidst this pandemic and these very unusual life experiences? Are you able to extract the hidden blessings of the changes that have been imposed upon you in the past 8-9 months? When we surrender to the fact that nothing happens by chance, and we have faith that the Universe wants what is best for us at all times, we can gain a grateful perspective on life. Gratitude is a relaxation technique, a stress reducer, a mental healer, and an overall beneficial and supportive perspective to live by. Remember that every day is a day to give thanks, and we are all blessed with the gift of the breath of life - so there is always one thing to be grateful for. With a very large number of our human family sick with a contagious virus, we have to ask the collective question, "how we have gotten to this point?". We are consumers and oftentimes disconnected to the karma of our actions. This week, take time to reflect on who you are in the world. How can Jupiter support you in expanding into your true self while letting go of the old stories that have limited your Light? Use the power of the Lunar Eclipse to cut through what you no longer wish to hang on to, and set yourself free to rise up to new dimensions of eternal Love.

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