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Moderation is Liberation

The Moon is Waning, it is the 14th week of the year, and it is the week of Passover, Easter, and Temperance. Temperance is the archetype of the 14th tarot card in the Major Arcana. By definition, Temperance is associated with moderation, a conscious effort to stay in balance, and one of the human virtues of self-restraint. As we look back at past civilizations on this planet, most of the humans in history destroyed themselves because they were not able to employ temperance. We see in our world overindulgences, overtaking natural resources, inhumane behaviors, unsustainable living, etc. How can we regulate, manage, and activate temperance in humanity? If the elders on the planet knew that answer, it would have already been done.

The act of restraint is the strengthening of self-control. Our impulses come from our thoughts and emotions concentrating on a desire. When we completely ignore that internal voice that speaks out to us when we need to practice restraint, we are making a decision away from temperance. Scientific research proves that those who practice self-control are more healthy and happy. Temperance develops in our behaviors between the ages of 3 and 4 years old. It is a virtue, but it can also be learned and practiced daily in order to strengthen. As we get older, this virtue of self-restraint develops into a regular practice of goal setting, greater discipline, and more endurance in everything we do.