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Monthly Numerology: 11th Month of the Year...

November is the 11th month of the year, and 11 is a lunar number that connects us to the unseen realm. It is the doorway to knowledge, as we internalize the awareness that has been realized through wisdom and understanding. This is a month of spiritual awakening. We may feel more sensitive, our dreams may become more vivid, and our ability to see beyond bias may become heightened. "Justice" is the archetype that gives us the ability to see both sides of any story. It is an energy of truth, honesty, accountability, and fairness. By becoming more truthful with ourselves, we are able to take greater responsibility for our inner and outer worlds. The scales of balance come out to help us create peace through justice. Perhaps we have judged someone or something unfairly, or we have been judged with bias. This month, we may have a greater desire to follow the heart and do what is righteous and fair for all. The Moon helps us to sense what is best, feeling into each situation and using our intuition as our guide. It is a great time to connect with our spiritual practice and pray. When we take time to talk to Creator, our connection to Source strengthens. Through each prayer, the inspiring thoughts of the mind actualize into reality. The throat chakra is the bridge between the mind and the heart, and this month we are inspired to speak our dreams into reality. Use words to create the life you wish, and give birth to dreams of the heart. There is a lot of magic in the air to help make all of our dreams come true!


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