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Monthly Numerology: 1st Month of the Year...

January is the first month of the year, and the number 1 is a vibration that contains the seed for what is to come. This is a month to heal, to initiate new beginnings, to be inventive and creative, and to shine and radiate the Light we hold within. The number 1 teaches that the tools we need to be healthy, happy, and successful are all within reach. The question is if we have the faith in ourselves to go after our dreams no matter what challenges may come along the way. The only real challenge is the Self. This is a month to heal the deep hurts and traumas that have held us back in order to truly move forward. It is a time to face Truth and forgive the self and others. This month, the heart is a key player. Exercise, meditation, and Love are our best friends. Feed the heart with compassion and kindness, and find ways to give goodness out to the world. Allow the blessings of January to move through you in the form of passionate creations, giving and receiving Love, and the circulation of blessings. All the high vibrations generated will grow and illuminate the days to come.

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