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Monthly Numerology: 3rd Month of the Year

The entire month of March is influenced by the number 3 (Jupiter), as it is the number of the month. The number three card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot is The Empress.

The Empress is the abundant, creative, and fertile expression of humanity. This is the archetype of being pregnant with ideas from an expanded imagination when the subconscious and conscious minds come together. This month brings good luck and a boost for all of the things we have been working to manifest in the past winter months. It is a great time to bring out all creative talents to share, and to practice giving and receiving kindness, Love, and compassion. This is also a month that highlights family, and specifically our relationship to the mother principle - whether it is with our own mother who is living or nonliving, or involving our relationship to the mothering aspect of who we are. By letting go of our worries and fears we are able to nurture our greatest dreams. This is a month of manifesting goodness and bringing out the Divine and abundant aspects of who we are.

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