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Monthly Numerology: 4th Month of the Year...

April is the forth month of the year, and the number 4 is the number for reform, change, transformation, and action. It comes from the 4th center of the body - the heart chakra. When the heart feels passionately enough about something, nothing can possibly get in the way of stopping it. We gain instant courage and feel internally responsible to lead the way back to stabilization. This month is about blowing the status quo right open and allowing a higher and greater force to amplify our Love power here on Earth. In order to truly change, we have to have a shift in perspective. New realizations and insights on what is truly important can help to pave a solid foundation to stand upon. This month can bring a shift in goals based on something that feels important enough to stand up for. Whether it is in relationships, career, the home, or other, this is a wonderful time for positive change. In the flow, we are more open to higher forces that can guide us into new realms of existing. Amazing things can be created when we decide to become the author of our own story. Why not start now?


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