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Monthly Numerology: 7th Month of the Year...

July is the 7th month of the year, and the number 7 relates to the planet Neptune. Neptune is connected to the mastery of Spirit over matter. It is sign of good luck, higher thinking, and self-empowerment. Neptune relates to the Moon as the unseen aspect. It is connected to how we feel deeply inside, what we think about under the surface of what everyone else can hear or see, and our ability to balance the two aspects of the mind in order to live harmoniously. This month, we are tested on our ability to connect with our inner "I Am" force, and express through the highest, most spiritual, intuitive, and powerful aspects of our spiritual self. The actions we take are based upon our levels of consciousness. When Neptune enters the playing field, we are tested by our temptations and desires to escape from reality or dwell in the shadows. Instead, we can choose to win over the duality by choosing to balance the yin and yang in our bodies and in our lives. There will always be challenges in life, but when we can learn from them and take our power back by choosing the high road, then we can only become stronger and get closer to our greatest dreams and goals. This is a month to take time to either take breaks to be still, or go on a little trip to restore balance and connect with the Divine within. When we don't create space to breathe and assimilate our living experiences, then we feel stressed, overworked, and overwhelmed. Invoke the angels and guides that are around to offer powerful help each day, and remember to nourish oneself with water and healthy foods. The Summer months are here, and there is so much healing potential to receive when we are open to it. Keep your mind on gratitude, and see the best in yourself and your life.

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