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Monthly Numerology: May #5

The entire month of May is influenced by the number 5 (Mercury), as it is the number of the month. The number five card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot is The Hierophant.

This month we have an opportunity to address the different forms of communication that use and improve on the ways we connect with children and the world around us. Mercury, the ruler of the intellect, information, technology, and logic, is here to test us all month long. The second week of the month takes us backward into Mercury Retrograde, so we will need to be extra conscious with how and what we share with others.

The Hierophant is the symbolism of a teacher, priest, minister, rabbi, guru, or pope. It is also the symbol of the teacher within the heart. This card represents standard ways of living, traditions, rules, and regulations, but it also represents the rejection of these old ways and acceptance of our intuitive guidance. We will be tested to see if joining the flock or leading our own journey is the best path to take. Listen to the words spoken, pay attention to recurring thought patterns, and take time to be silent. This is a great time to find harmony between intellect and intuition. With conscious awareness, the true path is always defined clearly. All we have to do is listen, and then choose to follow our highest destiny while letting go of pain and suffering. The mind is a place of duality, so listening to the heart is always best. This is the best time to allow the heart to take over thinking, while the head takes over feeling.

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