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Moving and Grooving...

On the move, we embrace this change.

A chance to help and rearrange.

After losing hope and seeing pain,

We now believe and are ready to gain.

It's a magical world filled with gifts and dreams,

No longer believing things are what they seem.

Staying above water after seeing the worst,

Never giving up on the passions and thirst.

Moving enlivens a change much needed,

New beginnings that the soul has pleaded.

Allowing in good to receive and approve,

It's time to help mama and continue to groove.

No one knows what the may future hold,

But it feels so good to live a life so bold.

Being simple, authentic, and oh so real,

Is the Truth that we so consciously feel.

When you get to do something good for others,

Animals, elderly, or pregnant mothers,

You feel a deep connection to your brothers.

Bless us all, as we are one another.

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