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Peace is in Unity...

We never pray for half of our situation to be taken care of in order to restore peace. We usually pray for the entire situation to be healed, balanced, or resolved. The same is true on the macrocosm level. Just because one person wins an argument, one team beats another team, or any other "side" beats another, doesn't mean that there is peace. One side is very much out of peace. Peace comes when every living being has the opportunity to be free to thrive and excel in anything they feel passionate about pursuing. Every living being has the right to live and thrive. No matter what rules humans have created, the Truth is in freedom. Where there is Love, there is Truth; and where there is Truth, there is freedom that follows. This is the year to see the whole world picture and think of so much more than the Self. Loving the Self means being an extension of Unconditional Love to all beings.

Now that Mercury is direct and the Moon is coming to Full once again, we are setting our goals high for the year to come. The sacrifice for Love is very small in comparison for the gifts that it offers. We all say we want peace. Are we willing to sacrifice in order to attain peace? What are we willing to sacrifice? Meditate on the actions that carry the world toward peace. Words are seeds, and important in defining what we wish to manifest, but the actions we take toward our manifestations is what make them materialize. Think about the words you say in terms of being a positive catalyst for change. This Full Moon, pick something to alter or shift in your life in order to support the manifestation of peace on Earth. How can you change something you do in your life in order to affect the planet or other living beings for the better? Is it in the words you speak to Self and others, the effects of your diet, lifestyle, or material happiness on the whole, or your own personal behaviors that are not supporting the greater good? Practice this shift toward an act of Love for 40 days, and journal your experience. It may be the catalyst for positive change on levels that are far beyond what you ever thought was possible. Love yourself, practice staying in the consciousness of Love, and make a choice to live a life of Love towards all living beings. Peace is worth small sacrifices when it results in the wellness and happiness of all life. Do you want peace? Of course! Then the time for change is NOW.

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