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Poem of the Week: 8-8 Gate...

It's the 8-8 Lion's Gate,

An alignment to help us create.

A time to shift the inner state,

To authentic living oh so great.

Manifesting ideas to create,

Then feeling the physical update.

From darkness to Light we elevate,

Rising higher, our destiny awaits.

Nothing can stop us at this rate,

Not allowing fear to have weight.

Jumping in the portal head-straight,

And dancing with Saturn on a date.

Moving toward destiny, out of fate,

In this lifetime it's never too late.

Turning away from fear and hate,

Love drives the car and translates.

Let's follow the feelings innate,

And stop war to just mate.

We all have a lot on our plate,

And that's a fact we can't debate.

But as stewards of this estate,

Fear and Love do not equate.

Not using time to desecrate,

But living to keep it straight.

Upon the rainbow we skate,

Life is a dream, so create!

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