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Poem of the Week: Balanced In ME-ness...

I am me, a unique and Divine creature,

And by being me, life becomes my greatest teacher.

Focusing on the breath that lives deep inside,

Feeling the wind move closer by my side.

Listening to the birds around as they chatter,

Receiving deep conversations that really matter.

Feeling the anger, the joy, and the peace,

Watching the elements build, then release.

Understanding the good, the bad, and the ugly,

Not judging the angry or the joyfully bubbly.

All I can do is be the most me I can be,

Living in reality so I can clearly see.

Balancing it all with another side so bright,

So out of control, but guided by the Light.

These two parts of me, existing all together,

Is what empowers me to feel Light like a feather.

Holding Faith and keeping Hope no matter what happens,

Never being afraid of slaying the demons and dragons.

This life is a Divine path of sweetness,

Honoring the Light and embracing my ME-ness.

Accepting the paradox as it proves to be true,

I lie between all of it, and enjoy the amazing view.

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