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Poem of the Week: Being Just is a Must...

Justice comes with righteousness & clarity,

Instilling hope in those who've been hurt.

It's watching Truth win over disparity,

No longer giving energy to exert.

In our world, injustice has competed,

With the good and fair actions of some.

Until justice came in and treated,

The abuses they had to succumb.

Whether it's you or me who was the target,

We all have to stand up for what's right.

Justice is sometimes the hidden prophet,

Answering our prayers with great delight.

Part of our human evolution,

Is growing and evolving each day.

Being just is the greatest solution,

To send iniquity on its way.

It's a choice and a lifestyle to choose,

When we decide to do good to others.

What we do to ourselves offers clues.

To what we'll one day do to our brothers.

So act justly and do good things,

And the energy will return back to you.

Love and kindness have big wings,

That carry blessings when they're due.

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