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Poem of the Week: Dancing In The Darkness

To some it may seem bleak and depressing,

To me it's transmuting into the greatest blessing.

Light and dark are one in the same,

It all depends on how you play the game.

Power trips and challenges to measure up,

Are ways people head toward bottom-up.

Kindness, compassion, and cooperation,

Are the building blocks to a strong foundation.

So when the darkness starts to scream and yell,

I no longer get sad, depressed, or dwell.

The dark times bring out my dancing shoes,

Playing the drums and singing the blues.

Shifting gears in order to create,

Allowing my Crown Chakra to activate.

No race, no game, no one to play along,

My positive vibes are way too strong.

I just dance and sing and celebrate,

Positive energy is where I resonate.

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