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Poem of the Week: Divine Right...

There's an energy flowing in all things,

This vibration attracts all that it brings.

Actions cast prayers to bring in much more,

A frequency that opens a great cosmic door.

Being wronged, hurt, or greatly betrayed,

Continues to frustrate when it is replayed.

Unforgiving or holding on to this pain,

Is the main culprit in feeling insane.

Time may heal, but we each must choose,

To let the past go, or to put it on snooze.

When we can see the 'good' move through it all,

The biggest challenge starts to feel really small.

The energy moves and a void must be filled,

With the things that make the heart feel so thrilled.

Our greatest good and the greatest common good,

Manifests in life when the heart has understood.

We are all hues of the same crystal ray,

Black, white, mean, kind, straight, or gay.

When a situation is viewed as a lesson,

Then everyone becomes Creator's brilliant expression.

Good becomes neutral and bad disappears,

The heart becomes neutral of worries and fears.

The greatest blessings manifest without struggle,

And blessing upon blessing appears with no trouble.

Hold Love inside and Love will be born,

Stay light as a feather and grace will be adorned.

This is the lesson and it has become so clear,

It's time to choose Love and say NO to fear.

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