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Poem of the Week: Drawing the Line...

Flow keeps energy moving forward,

When times get difficult and challenging.

We don't always get what we ordered,

Life sometimes takes reexamining.

So what do we do when it happens,

When we are treated less than Divine?

Our energy body flattens,

And we need to draw a big line.

It's vital that we live in Truth,

And that may mean a big sacrifice.

No one needs to feel abuse,

When it can root in and magnify.

The line we draw protects the heart,

And helps to manifest all of our blessings.

It's always a great time to restart,

So that the soul never stops expressing.

Draw that line and know where you stand,

No one else will do it for you.

LOVE is the message to understand,

Live it, breathe it, and it'll always be true.

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