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Poem of the Week: Faith in the Flow...

Do you truly have faith,

And what does that mean?

Where is your belief,

If you continue to chase dreams?

In this greater plan unfolding,

Not one of us has control.

Things truly start working out,

When our hearts turn toward the whole.

Not holding on to what we expect,

No longer attached to the program.

Every breath turning to Love,

An internal boot camp jam.

At the end of the day

we have our lives,

What makes us happy

as employees, neighbors, or wives?

No regrets for choices made,

Just pure belief in the flow.

This life is a gift we've been blessed with,

So embrace every moment and glow!

Have faith in the process ahead,

We need it to create our living themes.

Paying attention to every thought,

Transmuting energy into amazing dreams!


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