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Poem of the Week: Fan of the Master Plan...

I wrote it down on the calendar there,

A plan, in writing, to see.

I was completely unaware,

That the Universe would disagree.

We plan, we pray & envision the dream,

But things don't always work out.

Things can't always be what they seem,

Sometimes guided to a different route.

There were times that I would fight,

Kicking and screaming my way through.

Now I put faith into the Light,

And the great Master Plan too.

Letting go of what I thought should be,

Or how people should treat each other.

Life lessons have made my eyes see,

I can let it go or decide to suffer.

Life is not simple or linear at all,

There are infinite ways and means.

Each life dream is neither big nor small,

And sometimes the Multi-Verse intervenes.

The key is to keep on doin' what I Love,

No matter what happens or who's there.

Trusting the greater plan from above,

With an open heart, a smile, and a prayer.


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