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Poem of the Week: Freedom In The Heart Home...

The first decades set the seeds in soil,

Going through trauma and great turmoil.

A need to run away and to escape,

Feeling pain, the soul took a break.

Landing in a pool of Truth so deep,

Intense thoughts replaced nights of sleep.

Once it set in there was no escape,

A new life was beginning to take a shape.

A heart home was calling to be built,

Made of pure Love without the guilt.

Trust was the foundation that would last,

Finally burying the most painful past.

A greater knowing of the "I Am" within,

Building confidence to start over again.

New eyes to see this great big world,

Choosing to pull away from the herd.

Feeling the loss of the past behind,

And rebirthing into a new state of mind.

The heart home created a deeper alignment,

A space to work on this human assignment.

Solid walls of boundary's to protect,

Not allowing the Self to get upset.

Living in the heart manifested great dreams,

A nourishing Love became the major theme.

Illuminating a space to grow into BEing,

A pathway to a reality oh so freeing!

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