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Poem of the Week: Going Inside To Reflect Retrograde

People decide what they want to believe,

Listening to others or the guidance they receive.

It may be something you could never conceive,

But the word is out that you were the one to deceive.

This is a gift,

The angels uplift,

Old friends shift,

Don't get miffed,

Leave the conflict.

You're better equipped,

No longer dismissed,

After this little twist,

It's time to enlist,

The blessings wished,

And Truth you insist,

Really does exist.

Now it's been quite some time,

Since that big mountain that you climbed,

The new reality feels sublime,

One journey can end on a dime.

The deeper you go inside to feel,

The more times you spin around the wheel,

The soul energy learns how to heal.

Following the heart manifests what's real,

The Truth has so much to reveal,

Keep flowing with Love so surreal.

In gratitude, on my knees I kneel.

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