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Poem of the Week: Good Energy...

The simplest of things can bring happiness,

Every moment is a gift and a treasure.

Rising above the muck and the crappiness,

To create a reality much better.

Each energy comes from deep inside,

Where we feel and process e-motion.

It's directional as a guide,

Following tides much like the ocean.

No matter what the challenges may be,

Goodness emanates from the soul.

Pure intentions with a guarantee,

To be kind to the greater whole.

It's in the smile and the attitude,

That good energy flows right through.

Acknowledging blessings with gratitude,

Letting go and becoming anew.

Light and clear of anger and hatred.

With an ability to see the good in all.

Rising higher toward the sacred,

Above the pettiness and the small.

Good energy can be felt by some,

And observed in actions and behaviors.

Our Light shines in what we become.

And how we treat Loved ones and strangers.

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