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Poem of the Week: Grateful For The Strong Ones...

As a family of humans on the Earth,

We teach each other value and worth.

Duality shows the misuse of power,

Spirit humbles the ego's tower.

It takes a strong and powerful being,

Accepting Truths the eyes are seeing.

Keeping integrity and standing tall,

When others want them to stay small.

In those amazing souls who lead,

We learn to walk away from greed.

Light BEings incarnate to empower,

The heart garden of glorious flowers.

So grateful for all of the strong ones,

Incarnating with the Light of the Sun.

Integrity and willpower to stand tall,

Rising above the dark so small.

Teaching through actions of the good,

Doing the things no other would.

In order for us to evolve and grow,

Ending all blocks to the Love flow.

Empowering each other & the Light,

Rising out of the darkest night.

So grateful for the rebels of Good,

Though they are so misunderstood.

If it weren't for the righteous beings,

We would be blind to the meaning.

Thank you Light for guiding the way,

The Truth breathes life into each day.

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