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Poem of the Week: Let Go & Love...

What is the capacity for Love in the heart,

Love for family, friend, or sweetheart?

Enduring a moment or lifetime of growth,

Promised alone or under oath?

After betrayal, deceit, or scandal,

Hearing news that is hard to handle?

Is there forgiveness or a letting go,

Space to learn and time to grow?

Or is there a bottom boundary line,

Set by time or a disturbing sign?

Love lives and expands within,

Growing inside and thickening our skin.

It grows, breathes, and tells a story,

Learning and taking inventory.

Babies start life with Loving seeds,

Learning from experience and from need.

Over time Love develops a pattern,

And karmic lessons shared by Saturn.

Love can bring us closer to one another,

It can tear us apart or even smother.

Love beckons a need to connect,

Requiring care, compassion, and respect.

And when we value others with affection,

Where Love is reciprocated to perfection.

We gain strength and a personal power,

Fueled by passion to bloom like a flower.

As Love is a force that can never be stopped,

Above all other values, it can't be topped.

Holding a capacity to Love without condition,

Is a personal power and life ammunition.

So Love yourself and embrace the kindness,

Letting go of the rest, as it's all behind us.

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