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Poem of the Week: Rising Up & Out...

Out of judgement and out of fear,

Out of the past in order to be here.

Out of the mud of what caused the most pain,

Letting go of expectations with wisdom to gain.

Out of the stories and the memories unchanged,

Onto a greater purpose and releasing the blame.

A time in this purge to prepare for the new,

Enjoying the present and gifts to pursue.

Refreshed and ready for a new chapter ahead,

Paying attention to themes and what needs to be shed.

The high road is rising way above it all,

Allowing the ego and unhappiness to fall.

Loving the self more than needing to be right,

Letting it all go and not staying to fight.

Whatever happened is over and has been buried,

A weight that no longer has to be carried.

Rise up and out for a freedom so blessed,

With forgiveness and inner peace, we have passed this life test.

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