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Poem of the Week: Softness Is Unbreakable...

A gentle will can be seen as weak,

Highlighting compassion as humanly meek.

But it takes real strength to be humble,

Transparent enough to vulnerably stumble.

Gentle energy is the fruit of the Spirit,

Blessing the souls of all who come near it.

The warmth of kindness brings great joy,

Leaving pride alone to destroy.

A gentle will is soft for bending,

Where the tough ego is rigidly cementing.

So when it falls it breaks into pieces,

And that's what life continually teaches.

Compromise, balance, equality, and Love,

These are great teachings from high above.

They keep us soft and able to bounce,

When life has a big change to announce.

Soft and gentle means elastically fit,

Resilient in Love enough to commit.

Able to rise above all the noise,

And use the heart to keep its poise.

Soft and gentle is unbreakable Light,

It's the strength that allows Love to take flight.

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