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Poem of the Week: Solstice Reflections

Another year and cycle of time,

Brings perspective so sublime.

Learning, growing, expanding inward,

Going inside and feeling wintered.

Solstice time to be still and calm,

Hibernation is the healing balm.

Looking back it's clear to see,

The things that happened were meant to be.

Faith in self is what we seek,

Through teachers and healing techniques.

Life is meant to be so simple,

The mind turns into a trap or a temple.

The key is in the moments of each day,

Dancing, singing, and learning how to play.

No attachments and no expectations,

Be present in life is the real education.

Each lesson comes in moving forward,

Faith in the journey that is always supported.

Not falling in the trap of stagnation,

A comfort zone disguised as salvation.

Self-Love and acceptance of one's nature,

Is equivalent to Loving one's Creator.

What we are and what we do,

Is the Creator in action for us to view.

In the glimpses of awareness it is clear,

What we all seek is much more near.

Inside is the breath where Light circulates,

The heart of Divinity where life first creates.

Existence as the circle of life together,

Points on the surface all equal, not one is better.

Waking up to bare witness and to learn,

Love is in all and at every twist and turn.

Stop seeking, be still, stop, and listen,

We are One with Spirit when we stop asking for permission,

Only the Divine can give us a transmission,

Every journey is a sacred mission.

We are all one and there is no competition,

Acknowledging our inner Light is the most important recognition.


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