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Poem of the Week: The Heart Piece Brings Peace...

It has been about me from the start,

Happiness comes from inside of my heart.

I decide to hold on or to let go,

It's up to me to move forward and grow.

When I do my part to forgive and to bless,

I feel at peace and worry much less.

If I decide to hold onto grudges in anger,

The energy binds to me like a strangler.

True peace is living Light and so free,

Allowing myself and all others to BE.

Going to places that bring me much joy,

Building health while dis-ease is destroyed.

Wearing clothing and hairstyles that fit,

Carrying beliefs so uniquely legit.

Living the daily life of my dreams,

Finding the middle path in extremes.

My piece of the puzzle is most important,

Providing a voice to no longer be dormant.

Life challenges no longer rattle,

Wisdom offers peace from the battle.

As I balance the water and fire,

I understand Love compared to desire.

Feeling motivated to do my part,

I have peace because I follow my heart.

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