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Poem of the Week: The Right Time...

Waiting in patience for that magical hour,

When all things align and are "right".

This is the moment with all of the power,

Which is sometimes nowhere in sight.

What are we waiting for and why?

Is it patience we need or a change?

With intention the Universe will supply,

So let go of all those constraints.

Opportunity knocks at the perfect time,

When all hope seems to be lost.

Sometimes it feels like a climb,

Or that our dreams have been squashed.

But when we are open to how life flows,

And we let go of our expectations.

Every seed planted eventually grows,

Into wonderful manifestations.

Never wait for that perfect moment,

When now is all that is promised.

The only really true component,

Is authentic expression harnessed.

When someone asks about your dreams,

To see what you plan to do,

Stand tall, shine bright, and beam,

Owning this moment of BEing You!

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