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Poem of the Week: This Time Around...

There is a latent power within,

Guiding a new energy to begin.

This Fall brings a season of change,

Feeling vibrations to rearrange.

Looking at goals, intentions, & dreams,

Analyzing all of the cosmic themes.

What keeps cycling time and time again?

Which ones keep going and what needs to end?

Where do I need to speak up and out?

How can I remove all worries and doubt?

What feels empowering and what drains?

What do I hear my words complain?

Life is too short to just keep going,

Barely making it, or not really growing.

Instead, this powerful fork in the road,

Exists to accept life's blessings bestowed.

Why suffer when self-Love brings gifts?

Why drown in darkness when the Light uplifts?

This time around, the choice has been made,

Fearlessly creating from Truth unafraid.

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