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Poem of the Week: Trusting & Believing...

I'm in here as a conscious spirit,

Driving the vehicle of my soul.

With trust, I don't have to fear it,

Moving forward toward every goal.

The relationship I have with me,

Gives strength to truly believe.

Self-Love will always set me free,

To aim high in what I achieve.

It starts with the way I talk,

And the words I choose to repeat.

Positive and forward is the walk,

That makes me feel complete.

Each soul is sacred and matters,

And every being has a purpose.

Climbing up energetic ladders,

To be in greater service.

Believing in my heart's path,

Authentic and genuinely real.

Taking my greatest powers back,

The emotions as strengths that heal.

Learning the areas that feel weak,

Versus those that seem to be strong.

Allows me to embrace being unique,

Not worrying if I will belong.

Trust is my strength and foundation,

Self-Love helps me to live in joy.

Love will guide me through each situation,

Because this life is here to enjoy.


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