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Poem of the Week: We Are Worth It...

Living duality in a world I can see,

Where fear and Love always disagree.

Existing in opposites within us all,

Love expands while fear makes us small.

Wrong, right, or just misunderstood,

Causing real pain or manifesting the good.

Some not knowing their part of the puzzle,

Speaking sweetly or causing trouble.

When roles reverse, humility sets in,

Feeling pain projected from within.

All part of this Dark Age of growth,

Positive change comes from our Hope.

Finding new ways to deal with stress,

Choosing kindness to express.

Calling out inequalities and abuse,

Never saying, "so what's the use?".

It takes our hearts to commit to Loving,

In order to have the peace come running.

A gift worth fighting for each other,

Every life a miracle to discover.

Let's learn and grow together in peace,

Instead of allowing violence to increase.

It's up to us and our actions to live,

We are worth the energy it takes to give.


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