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Restoring The Glow

That inner spark and Light so bright,

Is fed by Truth during the darkest night.

All the tests and trials of these times,

Preparing us for the next hill to climb.

On the journey of the ups and downs,

There are times of emotional shutdowns.

Healing through forgiveness and letting go,

This process is crucial in helping us grow.

Listening to the heart & honoring the soul,

In the flow, while letting go of control.

After building up that inner Love glow,

The energy restores above and below.

Batteries are charged and goodness grows,

The heart opens like a brilliant Spring Rose.

This is the process of finding balance,

Inner harmony rising above the challenge.

We get to decide how each lesson sets in,

We have the choice to start over and begin.

Our glowing Light is a gift to take care,

The higher world hears our every prayer.

Invoking goodness through beings unseen,

We ask for help and the angels intervene.

In this life, we must feel every emotion,

Taking it in, then cleansing like the ocean.

Each day we learn how to be dis-attached,

Lessons can then be sown and patched.

Not drowning in all of the sorrow & pain,

But feeling the hand of God in the rain.

We each are responsible to glow so bright,

Allowing ourselves to radiate the Light.

Rising up to a new perception of BEing,

Following the inner guidance so freeing.

Honoring what we know so deeply,

Trusting ourselves fully and completely.

Love will teach us what we need to know,

Trust the Truth and never lose that glow.

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