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Gratitude is a virtue as well as an emotion,

Driven by thankfulness and sacred devotion.

It gives us good health and mental stability,

The power of prayer and vulnerability.

A blessing of hope during challenging times,

A reminder of the gifts of many lifetimes.

Developing wisdom, patience, and humility,

Gratitude instills a peaceful tranquility.

We all see gratitude from a different view,

Each of us unique, it is our "social glue".

Uniting all of our higher energies as one,

A grateful heart helps & supports everyone.

Whether it is expressed in a private journal,

Or in spoken Word, a vibration eternal,

It is a language understood so universal.

The attitude of gratitude is where its at,

Recognizing a blessing from this or that.

This moment of feeling or daily practice,

Restoring balance with one's inner axis.

Focused on what's working and what feels good,

Aligning the mind-body-spirit brotherhood.

Gratitude brings healing and elevation,

Focusing on the blessings is a celebration.

This season of thankfulness & appreciation,

Is an opportunity to switch the entire narration.

Viewing the planet, society, and all of creation,

As the building blocks to a Loving foundation.

No matter if we share so many different views.

The space and time where our oneness renews,

Is with gratitude, the "mother of all virtues".

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