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The North Star of Love...

True North is the galaxy within the heart,

The place inside where all life starts.

It guided the soul to this Earthly plane,

Whispering Truths of Love to the brain.

The inner Light is the guidance to follow,

Intuition filling what once felt hollow.

Wise ones said, we are one with the Light,

Rising at dawn and resting at night.

The yin and the yang are the natural poles,

Allowing the flow toward higher goals.

Living in the heart and honoring others,

Not taking on emotions of our brothers.

Responsible for what needs to be done,

Forgiving and releasing what had us spun.

No need for proving that others are wrong,

Or gaining approval in order to belong.

Taking negative speech out of the mouth,

Not letting the emotions run and go south.

This is the path of the inner Light walk,

Stepping the step and talking the talk.

No longer a follower, but a leader inside,

Leaning toward self-Love to decide.

Honoring this path and every day of breath,

Living like it is the day before death.

Stop taking any time on Earth for granted,

Grateful for where we have been planted.

Not trying to be someone we are not,

Changing reality with the power of thought.

This lifetime feels more precious than most,

The here and now gets us so engrossed.

Living the best life from our Love,

Invoking the help of the Angles above.

Following the heart and the guru inside,

No longer playing small or trying to hide.

When we follow the North Star as a guide,

Ego is powerless and releases the pride.

The journey becomes the inner vision,

Freeing the soul from emotional prison.

Declaring ambitions and setting goals,

Acknowledging the good in other souls.

Becoming the driver in this life so sweet,

Walking toward destiny with our own 2 feet.

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