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Transforming At Cosmic Speed

Do you pay attention to all of your daydreams? How often to you allow your inner creations to have wings to fly? Is the person you are deep inside the same person that you are in your daily life, or do you change to feel like you "fit in" to a different standard? We have recently been reminded of a story we once read about a boy who was granted the wish to be able to dream anything within a 75 year lifetime, and all in one night's sleep. The boy was able to dream anything he wanted, and he had the most incredible lifetime that night in his sleep. What makes this scenario of creating a "dream" life different than the dream we are living in this current reality? We get to decide what we want to create every waking day, but when you talk to people about this idea, they disagree. We hear excuses of how someone "has to" live a certain way and do certain things because it "could never be any other way". This is rigid thinking and couldn't be further from the Truth. The Truth is that there are infinite ways to live, and there are ways of existing that may not have been thought of in today's reality quit yet. When we say we have to do something and we have no choice, we are claiming that we have accepted someone else's Truth as our own. This will never bring us the inner happiness that we seek. Instead of making excuses on why we can't live the life we want to live, we can use that energy to create positive changes toward the life of our dreams. Enlightened beings tell us that this life is so precious and sacred that we cannot take one day for granted. There are millions of souls who wish they could incarnate into a body to have a life experience on the Earth. At the same time, there are people here on Earth that wish they were no longer alive or who have became the "living dead". This great paradox of life teaches us to stay present and connected to the soul essence that lives deep inside. That inner guidance is greater support than any outer guidance could ever be. To honor this life and our gift of living as humans on the Earth, all we have to do is live authentically. This means following the whispers of the heart, serving with our God-given talents, and living righteously for the greater good of all. The rest falls into place when we have directed Love to take charge. Who ever told humanity that there was only one right way to live life? That is the greatest misguidance. The gift of incarnating is the blessing of sharing Truths through Wisdom and Love. Each of us holds a small piece of the puzzle of humanity. Everything comes together when we are ourselves and we let go of the idea of what we think we should be. In these last weeks of the year, take time to reflect who you have become in relationship to who you are inside. Is there alignment or discord between these two ideas? In all honesty, this awareness is the starting point. The goal of this life is to live without regret. Whatever it is that we create, it is important that we do it with purpose and intention. We are blessed to be alive to experience matter, and more importantly, the power of Love. Embrace it, embody it, and live it, and you will experience the Infinite Love of the Multiverse!

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