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Transmuting The Past

A new version of this physical reality,

A Lover of Love, I am a devotee.

This perspective helps to keep things Light,

It's important to make the heart feel right.

The old ways of emotions fluctuating,

Are finding new ways of integrating.

No need to freak out or be surprised,

Emotions are powerful and can paralyze.

The guide is now in the strength of breath,

The beginning of life to the end at death.

The pains and stresses that used to hurt,

Are nothing now, they have become inert.

The breath & heart's Love have found peace,

Anxiety and worry have greatly decreased.

This is the power of transmutation,

Mental reprogramming to a Divine creation.

Our mental health is the key to success,

The mind has the power to curse or to bless.

In 2021, Mercury puts us to the test,

Breathe for peace, or overthink for stress.

We are the directors of this life movie,

Do you want to be happy or be moody?

The tools that the ancestors have taught,

Have the power to help us & our thoughts.

Nature is our connection to Divine Love,

It was here long before us and rises above.

Creator taught us that trees help us breathe,

But some humans think it is make believe.

We live as one and for each other,

Humbly serving our sisters and brothers.

When we understand, embrace, and live,

In the Light that heals and forgives,

We can experience a life that's collaborative.

Get your mind right and see the best,

Feeling good so the good will manifest.

Nature can help our emotions to digest,

Shifting the mind so it doesn't protest.

Go outside and breathe into the chest,

Releasing emotions that weren't processed.

Transmute the old and create the new,

You are worth it all, so push on through!

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