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Trusting in the "I Am"

The experience was real & profound,

I prayed about it in order to ground.

It was real to me in and the life I live,

It took me time, but I forgive.

Processing it daily as a meditation,

Signs to follow were my confirmation.

The choices made were right for me,

Hindsight teaches it set me free.

For those who do not ever agree,

Confusion is what they choose see.

No need to explain, just let it be,

Listening to the heart is the key.

Each soul reflects the Light of Divine,

Inner Truth is how we all align.

Honor this energy and let the rest go,

Moving forward is how we grow.

Each chapter brings brand new seeds,

Always answering our greatest needs.

Trust, listen, and follow the Love,

The guidance from the heart is above.

Strengthening the inner eye of vision,

Sending the Universe my decision.

To co-create with the I Am force,

Following Love & staying on course.

The more I follow inside & not out,

The more the confidence clears away the doubt.

The God in me sees the God in you,

This Light shines our unique hue.

When we allow the rainbow to radiate brightly,

Each of us becomes a radiant Light beam.

Following the Love makes us see,

When you are the best you and I am the best me,

We soar in Love and our hearts fly free.

Everything unfolding is meant to be,

Celebrate this life with joy and glee!

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