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Union of Mind-Body-Soul = Yoga...

This is the 36th week of the year, and Mars is coming in full force with the vibration of this week, as well as the 9th month of September. The Hermit archetype represents the inner Light being revealed and awakened after an inward journey of self-reflection, forgiveness, and healing. This week, as well as the entire month, is a wonderful time to develop a practice that helps expand one's spiritual growth. It is also a great time to find prosperous, exciting, and fulfilling situations to boost our career and life purpose. The energy we need and the fire of passion to get there will be readily available. This is a time to go inside and reflect on the wisdom that the heart seeks to share.

September is National Yoga Month. Yoga has made such an impact on the world that there is now a month dedicated to celebrating and sharing yoga. What is it about yoga that attracts so many people? There is a part of us that deeply desires to be in "Union" with our soul. We know inherently that we are so much more than what we can see. We understand that there is an illusion in the physical world that is trying to blind us to our own healing power. Yoga is a way to open up those dormant faculties, and bring life force to all areas of the physical body with the power of the breath. Since the Infinite Light is abundant in the air that we breathe, the deeper we connect with the breath, the deeper we connect with the Great Spirit within. Repeating a practice over time allows for reflection and introspection into the hidden, unseen aspects of the self. This gentle awakening and reconnecting with the higher self is a pathway to opening the heart and truly Loving the self. Self-Love is not simply doing yoga, eating healthy, cleaning oneself, dressing nicely, and taking vacations. Self-Love is the true honoring of the path that the soul incarnated to follow. When the heart's passions have been revealed, there is no excuse or reason more important than following that dream. As the Truth of the heart cries to be heard, there is no need to deny that voice for anything or anyone. Too many times, people put other people or other beliefs ahead of their own. Denying one's Truth and soul's purpose is the quickest way toward dis-ease, lack, and sorrow. The more people we talk to, the more we see how and why they are sick, unhappy, or living in poverty. The answer is a lack of self-Love and self-honoring. Playing small and not embracing one's personal power is the furthest thing away from happiness and health. The way to a joyful life, is the way of honoring the Truth of the heart.

Healing and recovery starts by listening to one's inner voice. It really doesn't matter how many yoga classes each of us takes if we are not listening to our own inner Truth. Sometimes it takes periods of time alone, or withdrawn from the old reality, in order to gain the insights needed to move forward. Just listen and honor that Great Spirit of the heart. Each of us is made of Divine Light. To honor the self is to honor the Divine. Enjoy a new month of union with the soul. Closer and closer, we rise to new heights and live in a greater capacity to be able heal and serve all life with Love. It starts inside, and this is wonderful week and month to go in deep.


Join us for online yoga either live or on recording four days a week. Go to to register for yoga and we will meet you on the mat Wednesday morning for a new start to a new month and a new beginning!

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