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Unity Is Love

Coming together in Love, we can find space to talk,

Human to human, let's face each other and go for a walk.

Now is the time to find our center, the middle ground,

No blame, no name-calling, no time to mess around.

The division of our species is causing so much pain,

In this direction, none of us have anything to gain.

What drives us apart and can we let those factors go?

The Earth and our children are the ones who feel the blow.

All we know is what we can see,

Is this the society that we want to be?

Lies, injustice, scandal, and greed,

We have sat back and watched the darkness succeed.

By dividing us, we are the weakest we could be,

It is in unity that we have power and can truly SEE.

Love brings everyone together as one,

Love seeks the best for all in the long run.

Love honors truth and all that is good,

Love will explain when it feels misunderstood.

Love cheers on the weak and helps to give a hand,

Love does its very best to try and understand.

When all else fails it is Love that heals the heart,

It will be Love at the end of life, as Love was there from the start.

When you don't know what to do or where to turn,

Go back to Love, it's where all good things return.

Love will never steer you away from the blessings it offers,

Love asks you to decide what you feel is most proper.

Make the choice to unify with your words and deeds,

With everything said and done, we are planting new seeds.

There is always time to change our course direction,

We just have to be honest with ourselves and look at what needs correction.

Campaign for unity, and stand up for our oneness,

No matter how challenging things seem, the blessings of Love are abundant.

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