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Universal Mars Period: July 3rd-August 23rd

The Universal Mars Period is a 52-day cycle of energy, magnetism, strong will-power, and physical vitality. This planet carries a strong force to "get the job done", while bringing peace to those who are in balance and harmony. It is a wonderful time to join a gym, enjoy outdoor sports and activities, and keep your mental and emotional bodies positive.

Mars brings strength of will and determination. Whether you started a project that you haven't been able to finish, or you are needing to lose a few extra pounds for the summer, Mars will give you the energy you need. This is the best time to construct or destruct something that is needing a change. Even though Mars is known to be a more challenging planet, some crave the powerful force that she carries with her. When we find ourselves unstable or not in balance, Mars appears as the bringer of war, conflict, aggression, and instability. The energy of Mars can also accent our reactiveness or impulsiveness. Make sure to avoid jumping into situations or opportunities that do not resonate with you, do not sign any contracts, and avoid being negative or focusing on what is not working in your life.