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Universal Moon Period: May 12th - July 2nd

The Universal Moon Period is a 52-day cycle of nurturing and taking care of the home and family. Cook for your loved ones, connect with small children, and do a cleanse with the support of the Moon Period. This is a time that can bring changes and fluctuation. Much like the Moon itself is waxing and waning, one might feel the ups and downs of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors during this time. It may be difficult to make up one's mind because of this fluctuation. It is advised to hold off on starting a new project or endeavor during this time unless it can be completed during the Moon Period. When working with others, take in each experience with an open mind, listening, observing, and avoiding arguments.

The Moon Period is a great time to take short trips. It is also a beautiful period to propose marriage. During this time, men will get along better with women. Make sure to pay attention to the Moon Cycles during the month. When the Moon is waxing, bring in new things, and when the Moon is waning, release and let go of the old. One will feel the cycles of the Moon much more powerfully during this period. Intuition, reflection, and psychic powers are heightened with the influence of the Moon.

Call upon Archangel Gabriel, The Power of God, to help bring peace and harmony. Gabriel is said to be one of four Archangels that brought messages from Creator. She helps one in interpreting dreams and visions, and is a communicator and mediator between Heaven and Earth. Archangel Gabriel helps those who are looking to conceive or adopt a child. She also helps those that are in need of guidance in their life purpose of the arts or communication. Actors, artists, writers, musicians, teachers, or those delivering spiritual messages can benefit with working with Archangel Gabriel. She can help to open doors to express one's talents in these fields. When working with Archangel Gabriel, her strength will help one to move forward into action leading to beneficial results. She is the archangel of action. With reverence and love, call upon her powerful and healing energies for guidance and support.

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