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Universal Planetary Period: Universal Jupiter Period - October 15th to December 5th...

The Universal Jupiter Period is a 52-day cycle of expansion. It is an opportunity to expand in health, abundance, and spirituality as Jupiter is known as the planet of material and spiritual growth. This is a very positive time of the year to grow in Light and Love.

Jupiter rules over the medical world, the courts and legal systems, money, and all types of business. If you have been wanting to approach someone about a work concern or raise in pay, this is a positive time to have that conversation. This is a beautiful time to travel and visit family members or parts of the world you have longed to travel to. It is also a positive time to resolve a legal issue regarding money, signed documents, or verbal agreements. Expansion, growth, and finances are good to deal with during the Universal Jupiter Period.

The expansive and abundant Jupitarian energy supports deep meditation and openings of higher energies in one's field. Take time and space to meditate, contemplate, and reflet on Light. The Universe desires to fill us with abundant healing energy during this positive time of year. With that Light, find the inspiration within you to take big leaps of faith toward your destiny. This is a powerful time to expand into the highest, most positive aspects of the being and attract a multitude of blessings in all forms.

Jupiter's influence brings attention to food as well. Traveling and eating foods from all parts of the world, or staying in and creating a meal for friends and family are both supported by Jupiter. Expand your belly with healthy and energy-filled meals, and be aware that your appetite may be larger during this time. It is a great practice to enjoy the pleasures of eating healthy, and staying in balance by not overeating, drinking, or expanding the belly too much. Say yes to what is good for you and use your will to say no to excess. Jupiter brings the lesson of healthy boundaries with ourselves and others. Remember that it is amazing to give, and find the middle space of allowing the blesings to return as you receive as well. Balance is the key to accessing the abundant beauty that Jupiter has to share with us.

Call upon Archangel Tsadkiel - He who brings the justice of God that gives good fortune. Tsadkiel is the angel of mercy, teaching forgiveness, freedom, and benevolence. When we judge one another, we are far from forgiveness. Forgiveness is one of the most important values in order to heal oneself completely. By calling upon Archangel Tsadkiel for assistance, one can open to allowing others to forgive them as well as creating a space to forgive others. We all came here to learn and grow, and by practicing forgiveness, we open ourselves to the unending Love of the Creative Life Force and that influence in our lives. By accepting this unending Love and practicing forgiveness, we allow good luck, abundance, and fortune to enter our lives freely. Light moves where there is Truth and Love. Allow the abundant multi-verse to bless your life as you practice mercy and forgiveness, and expand into the unconditional Light and Love that you truly are.

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