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Universal Planetary Period: Universal Mars Period: July 3rd - August 23rd...

The Universal Mars Period is a 52-day cycle that will provide an abundance of energy and the ability to complete anything unfinished. Mars makes us extremely magnetic and provides the fuel to move forward to construct or destruct what is the very best for us and our lives.

Mars is the red planet of action. This is a wonderful time to develop an exercise practice that will support health and vitality. It is also a time for temptation, so make sure you are in a balanced heart space that allows for action instead of reaction. Be aware of your speech and use language that softens the soul while avoiding harshness or anger.

Mars holds a lot of energy that can be used for the good. It is important to take a breath before saying or doing anything during this time. The fires of Mars can cause unwanted results in projects, so it is not advised to start anything new or sign any contracts at this time. There may be tests and problems that come up to be resolved, and it is so important that one chooses peace over war at every turn. Make sure to eat healthy and take care of the blood and the immune system. Since Mars rules over these physical areas, we must drink lots of water and keep a positive mental attitude as our daily vitamins. This is the best time for women to ask men for favors.

Utilize the power and energy of this time and get the body into a healthy paradigm and let go of the fires of destruction within and around you. Construct the life you have always dreamed of and prepare yourself for the joy you have always had within that is ready to birth. Do not react, stay cool, and turn your life into a Sunny reality of Truth, Wisdom and Love. Mars has a beautiful and deep spiritual insight that she would like to share with you in these next 52 days of Divine Fire.

Call upon Archangel Kamael, the Desire of God, who bestows protection from all aggression. Archangel Kamael teaches strength as a warrior spirit of justice and right action. In order to create peace, we must let go of what is causing pain and sorrow. Archangel Kamael helps to remove fears in order to connect us all as One and bring awareness to this interconnectedness. Call upon Archangel Kamael to help you find the strength and courage to face all adversity with Love and grace.


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